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3.5 Canadian Schools and other Selected Programs from Abroad

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Beyond the U.K. there are wonderful linguistics institutions everywhere. Most of these programs you can find at LinguistList. On the site, you can sort the programs by country and specialization. Some of the links are not up-to-date, but it is a good place to launch your research on studying linguistics abroad.

For our purposes, we will offer some rudimentary information on linguistics programs in Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, and China. If you have other schools you would like us to add, please leave us a comment.

From a cursory glance, it seems that Canadian universities offering PhD programs in linguistics operate in much the same way American universities do. However, we aren’t sure about how funding works. Any comments from Canadian linguistics would be appreciated. We have provided a list of Canadian universities offering PhDs in linguistics below.

Other programs to consider are Trinity College in Dublin Ireland, Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics in Holland, Humboldt University in Germany, as well as Hunan University in China and the University of Hong Kong in China.

3.5.1 Canadian Universities with PhD programs in Linguistics

3.5.2 Trinity College in Dublin Ireland

3.53 Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics in Holland

3.5.4 Humboldt University in Germany

3.5.6 Hunan University in China

3.5.6  University of Hong Kong in China


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