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4.5 Recommendations

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Whether or not you have asked for recommendations before, you’re going to have to prepare for a process that can take as long a semester. Most professors feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they are asked to do. Some are happy, or at least profess to be happy, to write a recommendation on your behalf. You should begin making your requests to professors regarding recommendation letters as early as September.

While typically you need only 3 recs, you may want to ask 4-5 professors for recommendations in case one of them professors doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain. If you are applying for an NSF scholarship, you will need four recommendation letters anyway. Having an extra recommendation or two is a smart decision because previewing the recs before submitting them will ensure you’re getting the best. That is if you get to see the recommendation. As of 2010, almost all schools send emails directly to your recommenders. UCLA does not have an online recommendation submission form. Generally, your recommenders will appreciate saving time by uploading recommendation forms. Usually, it takes five minutes. However, getting a professor to write a recommendation requires finesse and stamina. Often professors will request that you submit them a draft of your recommendation form. Or, they will ask for past papers, C.V., copy of your personal statement and other relevant information in order to write a recommendation for you. Be gentle and firm when you ask for recommendations.

4.5.1 Graduate Students as Recommenders

4.5.2 Is it better to have senior professors write for me, or professors who really know me?

4.5.3 But all my old professors have left! What am I to do??

4.5.4 Is it a bad idea to get a recommendation from a non-linguistics professor?

4.5.5 Is it a bad idea to get a recommendation from someone outside of academia?

4.5.6 What kinds of materials should I provide my recommenders?


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