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Obviously by the time you’re ready to submit your application there is nothing you can do about your transcripts. Hopefully they reflect your scholastic excellence. But remember that transcript requests need to be scheduled in advance and can cost a pretty penny. At one school, transcripts are $8 each. And you may have to send them twice. Let’s say you’re still in the middle of a semester. You need to have the transcripts sent even though they don’t reflect your psycholinguistics or sociolinguistics courses you’re currently taking. What to do? Have new transcripts sent after your grades have posted.

Schools request various numbers of copies of your transcript. Some will insist that they be signed and sealed, others won’t. Some want your school to send them directly, others prefer that you pick them up from your school and stick them in the envelope with the rest of your materials. In general, when a school doesn’t specify, your best bet is to pick up the signed and sealed transcript from the Registrar’s office, and include it in the package that you mail to the school, even if the rest of your application is to be submitted online.

When you’re ready to mail things out, make sure you’ve included all the materials in a single manila envelope, plus an exquisitely polite cover letter detailing the materials you’ve included. Also, remember to include a check for the cost of the application for those schools that don’t allow you to pay online. If you’re paranoid about your stuff arriving, you can buy a little certification sticker that lets you track your mail and confirm that it’s been received. If you’re paranoid about your stuff arriving in time, you can send it via priority mail.


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