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3.6.5 A Note on Masters Programs

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There are approximately 20 – 25% more institutions that offer Masters in Theoretical or Applied Linguistics versus institutions that offer PhDs in linguistics. Always make sure that you understand whether the institution offers a “terminal” Masters or “non-terminal” Masters. You receive a “terminal” Masters degree when you have finished the course of study at your institution and you attend commencement. You receive a “non-terminal” Masters degree while you are pursuing your PhD. It is a nice designation to have, but really it’s just a sign post telling you that you’re about half-way finished.

Even though the focus of is on PhD programs in linguistics, below is a list of selected Masters programs offering degrees in theoretical and applied linguistics. If there is enough expressed interest  in having a list of universities that offer Masters degrees in linguistics, we will add a new section covering those programs. University of Central Florida University of Massachusetts Boston


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