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3.6.6 Links to other sites that cover linguistics programs

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At this point, we feel that our coverage of PhD Linguistics Programs in the United States is the best on the Internet, there are some good sites that helped us put this Linguistics PhD Programs – Application and Review together. – This is clearly the most comprehensive site regarding linguistics issues around the world. While many of its links to programs are broken, it offers a very good place to start when doing research on linguistics programs around the world and in the United States. – As they note on their site, was made possible by grants from The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and The Burroughs Wellcome Fund and The Center for Science and the Media served as the project’s fiscal sponsor. It is also a fantasic way to sort through various PhD programs. According to their site, there are 61 institutions offering PhDs in Linguistics. In our research, we came across 83 institutions. Obviously there is a discrepancy. Our guess is that some schools don’t pay into the subscription service that turns around and ranks schools. Perhaps hiring a new SEO specialist is in order. UC Davis, a leading research Linguistics Program by all accounts, is not even listed. – This little site seems to pop up almost anytime you’re doing research on graduate school programs. Unfortunately, it seems to offer most sponsorship links than real ones. – Like, this site seems be riddled with extras. It’s hard to distinguish between programs that offers Masters versus PhDs.

USNews & World Report – Graduate School Guide – If you like rankings, this site has them all … but one. It doesn’t rank linguistics programs.

National Research Council (NRC) published rankings of 41 schools offering PhDs in Linguistics in 1995. That’s a long time ago now. What about the 40 other schools that offer programs in linguistics?  A new report is due out in 2007, but good luck finding it. If you must know, the top-rated programs are listed as MIT, Stanford, UCLA, UMass Amherst, Penn. But is that really a surprise?


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