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University of California, Los Angeles – Applied Linguistics

Focus / Concentrations:                 Applied

Department / College:                   Department of Applied Linguistics

The PhD program in Applied Linguistics is considered the best. That made it easy to consider. What made it even easier to consider is receiving responses to my queries from multiple professors. Unfortunately, most of their answers were negative. Every time I wrote a professor about our common research interests they would invariably respond that my work does not “does not encompass” your interests. I appreciate the honesty, but half the time I copied and pasted the professor’s stated interests from the UCLA Applied Linguistics website. One time I scheduled an on-campus visit to a classroom. The professor never showed up and he/she never sent me an email explaining what happened. That’s pretty bad. As an outsider, the best thing about this program is the Program Coordinator who is very friendly.


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January 8, 2010 at 4:28 pm

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