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5.2 Completing the Online Application

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Unsurprisingly, application websites vary as to their usability. UC San Diego has one of the best. Some schools have interactive PDFs, which allow you to input information before you print out forms to mail. That is for the few schools that still accept paper applications. UCLA, birthplace of the Internet, doesn’t have an online application. Phonologically speaking, we think that’s $%&^*&S^%^%. You’ll be asked to create a user profile to store and upload your application. Remember that you can save your data on these websites and return to them later — don’t try to complete your online application in one sitting! But do take note of the fact that some on-line applications may have an expiration date: if you don’t modify or submit your application for (say) 30 days or so, it’ll delete your application. This is relevant if you start your application in September, and then wait to submit it till January. We recommend visiting the application website multiple times before submitting your application. Odd details, like check boxes to waive your right to see your recommendation letter, have a way of not getting checked the first time.

Also remember that you don’t want to submit a document into a text window without checking to make sure that special characters, such as quotation marks, were transferred properly. Often the schools will allow you to preview your uploaded document. Take advantage of this. Download the file onto your computer as a .pdf, even if it is saved as something else, review it, then make the corrections on the website assuming there are just a few. Furthermore, for some ridiculous reason, some online forms have very limited space for answers. So you may find yourself having to list all your research interests, for example, in twenty-five characters or less.


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