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LEA Language Experience Approach. “Students provide the text, through dictation, that serves as the basis for reading instruction.” Students learn reading and writing by using their own interests with each other. (Peregoy & Boyle, Reading, Writing and Learning ESL, 2005, p. 278).

LEP Limited English Proficiency

LSA Linguistics Society of American (

L1 L1-first language

L2 L-2-secondary language

Language Function

Late-exit bilingual program

Lau v. Nichols Landmark lawsuit regarding education for L2s. IRentical education does not constitute equal education. School districts must take affirmative steps to overcome educational barriers faced by non-English speakers . Led to Lau remedies for mandating compliance with Title IV

Learning “Learning” used by Krashen was distinct from language acquisition. Learning occurs in the classroom and learning is used by leaners to consciously modify what they have acquired.

Learning Strategies

Literacy Reading, writing and creative analytical acts involved with producing and comprehending written texts.

Lx Lx-subsequent languages


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