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Realia Real life objects, the use of which strenghtens associations between words and everyday objects. Real objects, such as newspapers, maps, ticket stubs, photos, which ESL students can use to improve understanding of other cultures and situations.

Reflective Politics

Register a set of language variants commonly identified by certain phonological features, vocabulary, idioms, and/or other expressions that are associated with an occupational or socioeconomic group.

Relexification is a term in linguistics used to describe the mechanism of language change by which one language replaces much or all of its lexicon, including basic vocabulary, with that of another language, without drastic change to its grammar. It is principally used to describe pidgins, creoles, and mixed languages.

Representational Politics

Rime A vowel and all that follows it in a monosyllbic word (bag=”ag). (See also “onset”)

Rubric a scoring tool that lists the criteria for a piece of work


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