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SDAIE Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English

SILL Strategy Inventory for Language Learning

SIOP Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol. It has 3 sections: Preparation, Instruction and Reviewer/Evaluation. It is an observation tool used with over 30 items.

SLA Second Language Acquisition

Scaffold Breaks a complex process into smaller subprocesses. Each of these is geared towards creating meaning.Teacher provides support through modeling, prompts, direct explanations, target questions, rephrasing. Scaffolds are reduced as student improves.

Scanning Used in visual processing of language to refer the process of eye movements when perceiving and making sense of orthogrphic and non-orthographic symbols.

Schema/ta Background knowledge brought to the text.

Semantic system

Sheltered Instruction Involves learning new information, concepts, and skills while at the same time learning a new language.

Skimming To read quickly for main idea or general information; a reading stratagem.

Social/Affective Strategies Working together, problem posing, positive self-talk, keeping a journal, helping oneself, asking questions, discussing ideas/feelings.

Submersion One or two students are learning the foreign language, which is the first language for the rest of the class, thus they are “thrown into the ocean to learn how to swim” instead of gradually immersed in the new language.

Summative assessment Typically evaluates the effectiveness of instructional programs and services at the end of an academic year or at a pre-determined time. The goal is to make a judgement of student competency after an insturctional phase is complete. Include final exams, national and statewide tests, entrance exams.

Syntax Word order.


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