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Weeks 1-2

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The last two weeks have been intense, but somehow they’ve gone quickly with numerous orientations, meetings, and various deadlines. I had a three-day weekend to prepare for the PhD experience. It may be the last three-day weekend I will have for a long time. To celebrate, I hosted a party of other newbies in the English department and the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching department to mask my own loneliness. It was a good idea. Since the party, I have become much more productive and I even got some extra leftover food.

In a few hours, I will jump on my bike for the five-minute ride to campus to take my first class in computational linguistics. I have already worked 6 hours this morning on getting the website ready for the class I’m going to be teaching and finishing some online classes in order to be able to conduct research. I’m getting the feeling that this day will not be unique.

My advice is to spend time making friends and make sure you enjoy being busy before you decide to begin a PhD.


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August 23, 2010 at 12:45 pm

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